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The company mainly engaged in producing and selling of melt-blown nonwoven fabrics line, mask machine and other machinery, melt-blown nonwoven fabrics, non-woven cloth, masks and other products.


Henan Tongwei Medical Device Co., Ltd

Henan Tongwei Medical Device Co., Ltd. is a branch company of Guangzhou Ningwei Technology Co., LTD., which is specialized in the production, processing, sales, research and development and service of related products and equipment in the medical device industry.

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  • EN14683 TYPE l BFE95

    1. non-woven fabrics and N95 filter paper are used for the body part of the mask, 99% of the bacteria, droplets (above 3 μm) and pollen (above 30 μm) are able to be separated.

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  • BFE99 Melt Blown Fabric

    25 gsm Melt-blown PP Fabric polypropylene BFE 99% Non Woven Melt Blown Filter Cloth

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